Cube merupakan program pemodelan transportasi, dengan berbagai metode assignment termasuk Dynamic Traffic Assignment, Microsimulasi lalulintas

Cube, developed by Citilabs , is a professional transportation planning and simulation software. The “Cube Base”, core of the Cube software, provides an interface similar to Microsoft Windows. Transportation applications of Cube run on top of the Cube Base. It can be successfully integrateds with transportation applications as an easy-to-use modeling and analysis tool. In addition, it can be directly integrated with the ArcGIS programs. Such integration becomes the main advantage of Cube as a powerful transportation planning tool.

Cube provides modules to answer specific what-if type questions regarding changes to the transportation networks, land-use, and the population.
Whether you need to model regional travel demands or understand all the details of traffic operations and parking at an airport, Cube provides the best solution for your needs today and in the future.

SOFTWARE Introduction
Cube Voyager:A comprehensive and easy-to-use macro transportation planning software; it can be used to forecast the volumes of car, bus, railway, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian.

Cube Cargo:A software specifically designed for freight transportation. It can be used to forecast the volumes of freight vehicles in various modes.

Cube Dynasim:An advanced micro traffic simulation software. It can be integrated with the macro modeling of Cube Voyager and be displayed with 2-D or 3-D animation.

Cube Land:An advanced land modeling software, it can simulate the interaction between land use and transportation development.

Cube Polar: A software for air quality forecasting. It can be embedded in the transportation planning model and simulate the impact from pollution of different vehicle and fuel types