(Heavy Industrial PAVEment design)
a software for design of flexible pavements in facilities such as intermodal container terminals and yards.

HIPAVE models the extremely heavy loads from vehicles such as mast lifts, reachstackers, straddle carriers etc.

HIPAVE is an outgrowth of CIRCLY and APSDS (Airport Pavement Structural Design System). CIRCLY was first released in 1977 and APSDS in 1995.

HIPAVE has unique features to streamline pavement design projects—:

  • a standard vehicle library – that can be automatically updated from our web server;
  • ability to define and store container weight distributions;
  • automatic calculation of axle loads from vehicle geometry and container weight.

HIPAVE handles the variety of mobile equipment used in container facilities, such as forklifts, mast lifts, reachstackers, straddle carriers, gantry cranes and side loaders.

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