Assessment of Roundabout Capacity and Delay

Prediction of capacities, queues, delays and accidents at roundabouts

Software memprediksi kapasitas, antrian, penundaan (baik queueing dan geometrik) dan resiko kecelakaan di bundaran. Arcady adalah yang mudah digunakan dan bermanfaat untuk membantu lalu lintas yang sibuk insinyur dalam merancang bundaran baru serta menilai efek memodifikasi desain yang ada.

ARCADY is based on three decades of research and development by TRL and is used for predicting capacities, queues, delays (both queueing and geometric) and accident risk at roundabouts. ARCADY is an easy-to-use and essential tool for the busy traffic professional wanting to design new roundabouts and assess the effects of modifying existing sites.

Roundabouts are modelled using the well-established TRL/Kimber capacity relationships (the ARCADY Model), which take into account key roundabout geometries such as entry width, approach width, flare length, conflict angle, inscribed circle diameter and entry radius. This empirical framework intrinsically links roundabout geometry to driver behaviour and in turn to predicted capacities, queues and delays.

ARCADY has been successfully used to design and improve a great number of roundabouts throughout the world. It has a host of satisfied customers including governments, multinational organisations and academic institutions. Its simple and intuitive interface means that it can be used effectively by everyone, in a relatively short space of time.

ARCADY 9 can model:
– Roundabouts
– Mini Roundabouts
– Linked Roundabout Networks
– Large or Grade Separated Roundabouts
– Pedestrian Crossings (Signalled, Unsignalled and Adaptive)