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Micro-Simulation and Modelling with Aimsun

Traffic microsimulation models simulate the behavior of individual vehicles within a predefined road network and are used to predict the likely impact of changes in traffic patterns resulting from changes to traffic flow or from changes to the physical environment … Continue reading

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Macro-Simulation and Modelling with Aimsun

Transportation models generally can be classified into microscopic, mesoscopic, macroscopic, and metascopic models. Microscopic models study individual elements of transportation systems, such as individual vehicle dynamics and individual traveler behavior. Mesoscopic models analyze transportation elements in small groups, within which … Continue reading

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AIMSUN – simulation and modelling

Aimsun stands out for the exceptionally high speed of its simulations and for fusing travel demand modelling, static and dynamic traffic assignment with mesoscopic, microscopic and hybrid simulation – all within a single software application. Software AIMSUN sangat cocok digunakan … Continue reading

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