Emme is a complete travel demand modelling system for urban, regional and national transportation forecasting. Emme is used in over half the world’s most populous cities and runs some of the world’s most complex transportation forecasting models.

The most advanced modellers in the industry have relied on Emme’s flexible, open modelling approach to easily leverage established techniques or to adapt and innovate to new model applications with unrivaled flexibility.

Emme offers a transport modeling application framework for leading computational performance and unmatched technical rigor, and makes assembling model workflows fun and efficient. Emme promotes true model transparency, and offers seamless transition between easy interactive use and sophisticated scripting.



Make your city a model city. Whatever the planning application.
TRAVEL DEMAND FORECASTING. Implement virtually any zonal-aggregate travel demand model with any feedback structure, trip generation, distribution and choice models, trip chaining, capture multi-modal and truly integrated traffic and transit network performance, power leading activitybased and land-use models.

TRANSIT PLANNING. Evaluate changes to transit routes, frequency, quality of service, transit service competition or fare integration, crowding on transit vehicles and at stations, walkability/ accessibility, park-and-ride, kiss-and-ride, transit system design.

TRAFFIC PLANNING. Evaluate road network expansion and management schemes, toll schemes and toll revenue forecasts, accessibility studies, junction delay, traffic demand management, critical infrastructure, freight and good movements, bicycle traffic.

ECONOMIC, EMISSIONS AND ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSES. Analyze vehicle cold starts, operating conditions, and other key data for emissions. Evaluate transit service quality by demographics, compare demand management techniques, perform investment-grade infrastructure and toll evaluation or forecast benefits to support cost/benefit or other project-ranking schemes.

TRANSPORTATION DATA SCIENCE. New data sets in transportation are changing the way we develop models, interpret results and evaluate alternatives. From activity-based and other predictive models, mobility analyses or data wrangling, Emme includes some of the best data tools available and a unique environment for integrated transport modeling and data science.

New in Emme 4.2
Our biggest ‘minor’ release ever, with new model workflow and dashboards, new transit modeling capabilities, an integrated spatial and relational database, more multithreaded procedures, improved performance, and core upgrades like longer names and more traffic classes, as well as included tools for interactive, scientific computing that go beyond traditional transportation forecasting applications. Some highlights below:
– Emme Notebook
– Transit Journey Levels
– Data Tables
– Multithreaded matrix calculations
– Even faster path-based traffic assignment
– Longer names, and more traffic classes


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