Freight Transport Management

====== Bahan kuliah mahasiswa LIU summer 2009 ====  ==
Lecture presentation slide by Lars Backåker FTM-introduction
Daftar Artikel :

  • The RFID-Enabled Diary Farm – Towards Total Farm Management.pdf  FTM-1
  • METATRO – A Real Time RFID Enabled Haulage Monitoring System For Perishable Comestibles.pdf  FTM-2
  • Transportation Quality Monitor Using Sensor Active RFID.pdf  FTM-3
  • Exploring the Impact of RFID on Supply Chain Dynamics.pdf  FTM-4
  • The Impacts of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology on Supply Chain Costs.pdf  FTM-5
  • Networked RFID for use in the Food Chain.pdf  FTM-6
  • A Vehicle Routing Algorithm for the Distribution of Fresh Vegetables and Similar Perishable Food.pdf  FTM-7
  • Where is my Suitcase – RFID and Ariline Customer Service.pdf  FTM-8
  • RFID and Supply Chain Management – Introduction to the Special.pdf  FTM-9
  • Application of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) in the Timber Supply Chain.pdf  FTM-10

Semoga materi ini dapat bermanfaat bagi kemajuan bangsa dan dunia transportasi.
Note: for education only

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